Explain why social science perspectives are important

Part a:

Choose 2 terms from the following list and identify and explain the significance of each. Each answer should be roughly 250 words in length EACH  social scientific method

critical thinking

social structure

social determinants of health


social constructionism


social systems paradigm

Part b:

From the following list, answer 1 questions Each answer should be roughly 750 words in length EACH .

1. Explain why social science perspectives are important when examining contemporary

social problems. Illustrate your argument with two examples.

2. What is the “sociological imagination” and why is it a useful framework for studying


3. Explain what the concepts of “structure” and “agency” refer to and outline three main

positions within structure v. agency debates in the social sciences.

4. How and why has the concept of “wellness” come to occupy such a central place in our

society? Is this a good thing?

5. Pick three theoretical perspectives that are used in the social sciences, explaining the basic

features of each of these theories and the paradigmatic perspectives underlying each of


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