Explain why the scientific process is important when learning about diseases.

Refer to the information in the video, the Virtual Library and/or the Internet to conduct a search on why the scientific method is important in healthcare. 

2. Initial Post: Create a new thread and answer all three parts of the initial prompt below

Introduce yourself to your instructor and classmates. Be sure to include the following:

  1. Explain why the scientific process is important when learning about diseases.  Guidance: It is important to use the video or transcript for your post (not Google or other sources); it has everything you need!  Be sure to include specifics on WHY the scientific process is important.  
  2. Discuss the importance of data when observing something like the outbreak of cholera or even the outbreak of COVID-19, when using the scientific method.¬†Guidance:  Make sure your post is about the importance of DATA in the scientific method.
  3. Discuss how knowing about the scientific method is useful as an allied health professional.    Guidance:  Reflect upon the parts of the scientific method (Observation, Hypothesis, Prediction, Experiment, Data, Conclusion) and how you, as an allied health professional, can implement them. Then share your thoughts with your classmates!

Complete your Reply Posts by Sunday at 11:59pm EST.

3. Reply Posts: Reply to two people on different days.

To add to the academic conversation, reply to your classmates/instructor by introducing a new idea that applies personal experience(s) and/or new knowledge gained from either courseroom material(s) or research (UMA Library). Make sure your reply is substantive. For example, How were your thoughts and ideas similar or different? Do you agree or disagree with their point of view, and why or why not? Remember to build on your classmates' posts and expand the conversation as if you were all sitting in the same room having a face-to-face discussion.

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