factors which support neurological growth

There is a lot of research that supports brain development during childhood and factors which support neurological growth. Research this topic and address one factor that you feel plays a major role in brain development during childhood. Provide a summary of this factor and address how this can be supported by educators or families working with this age group.


Do you think it has more of an impact differentiating the content, learning process, or product in a lesson? Justify your response by connecting to the needs of your student population by describing their readiness, learning profiles, and interests and the necessary components to increase student motivation. Answers may vary. If you are not in a classroom at this time, predict what instructional strategy will have the most impact.

Curriculum Development Mentorship

Imagine you are mentoring a new teacher. What strategies would you give them to differentiate the content, learning process, or product in a lesson? What would you suggest so they were successful? What connections can you make for them that link the significance of differentiation to student motivation? How are these two concepts connected to impacting student achievement?

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