Female regurgitating food into the beaks of chicks

BIOS 236—Animal Behavior

Parental Effort Homework (webcams)

Parental effort in birds incorporates multiple behaviors: establishing and defending a territory, building a nest, incubating eggs/chicks, guarding chicks, grooming chicks, feeding chicks.  In many bird species, both parents play an active role in parental care.  In some species, only one parent provides care.  For this assignment, we will be comparing the amount of parental care provided by Ana’s hummingbird (Calypte anna) after the nest has been constructed and she has laid eggs.  In this west-coast species, only the mother cares for the offspring.  You will be comparing the type and amount of parental care by a mother hummingbird during four different time periods (four different videos).

An ethogram of hummingbird behavior has been provided below. Before you begin collecting data, you will need to create a table – in one column list ALL the behaviors on the provided hummingbird ethogram (without the d)

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