health care issues and insurance practices

So far this semester we have learned about health care issues and insurance practices inthe United States and worldwide. This reaction paper is intended to get you thinking aboutthe way that health care information is promoted, disseminated and critiqued in the U.S. aswell as throughout the world.You will need to address the following points when writing your paper. First, discuss which of the health care systems (U.S. or any other country presentedin the videos) makes the most sense to you. (~1/2 page to 1 page)o You will need to refer to specific examples/cases from the videos that wewatched in class and reference at least one concept from chapter 2 to supportyour position.

 How effective are health care stories presented in media, such as the one’s youviewed in class (i.e., documentaries and news stories), for affecting how citizensmanage their health care? (~1 to 1 ½ pages)o Did any of the messages resonate with you? Anything you disagreed with?o Do you think it reaches the right audience, meaning, do you think the peoplewho should be watching this video (could be most affected by it) are actuallywatching it?o What other types of media content may be effective at reaching the most at-risk groups (i.e., those without health care, those who are less educated,etc.)?

 Third, address the ways in which health care coverage is typically conveyed to thepublic by politicians and other resources (e.g., advertising, face-to-face interaction).(~1 page)o In general, how do you think most Americans learn about their health care?o Why is there such confusion?**You will need to refer to specific examples/cases from class and personalobservation**

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