an abundant amount of apoptosis in alzheimer’s

Write a 20+ page paper with pictures included and reference page and provide plagiarism score if possible

Write about metabolic dysfunction in alzheimer’s

Include background info on:

metabolism (catabolism and anabolism) and the processes(glycolysis, krebs cycle, oxidative phosphorylation, electron transport chain)

Oxidative stress(ROS- reactive oxygen species and free radicals what they are and how they’re formed ) what causes oxidative stress

how antioxidants help battle free radicals

types of antioxidants (exogenous(polyphenols flavonoids and phenolic acids) and endogenous(enzymatic and non enzymatic))

Specifally the polyphenols EGCG and how it could be helpful in terms of alzheimer’s

How does age affect the absorption of antioxidants and such

Include apoptosis(intrinsic and extrinsic) why it occurs normally and also include why there is an abundant amount of apoptosis in alzheimer’s

Explain what metabolic dysfunction is

Explain metabolic dysfunction in neurodegenerative diseases as a whole

Specifically metabolic dysfunction in alzheimer’s (include tau proteins and amyloid beta plaques- what they do normally and how their dysfunction induces alzheimer’s )

Oxidative stress in alzheimer’s

Explain what research can be done with the polyphenols and EGCG to aid alzheimers

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