How can you incorporate principles of validation therapy

Orders: Cipro 500 mg Two times a day Supply Dose: Cipro oral suspension 250 mg / 5mL How many mL would you administer in a day

How can you incorporate principles of validation therapy when caring for a client who thinks that “kitty cats” are in her closet? A. Ask her to describe the cats B. Distract by showing her pictures on her dresser C. Tell her that there are no cats in that facility

Accessory glands add fluids to the sperm to form seminal fluid, which is ejaculated from the urethra during sexual activity. The prostate is one of the accessory glands, which are glands that contribute to the fluid containing sperm, of the male reproductive system. Fluid from the prostate enters into the prostatic portion of the ___________________________. b. Prostate fluid contributes ___________________________ and other substances to semen.

Which statement is true concerning clients with Alzheimer’s disease and sundowning? A. The client may be t frightened Aq poor light or shadows. B. Sundowning Occurs only on clear nights when the moon is visible. e The client can aq talked outc of his fears. D. There is no treatment for sundowning

Which of the following best characterizes the vision of many preschool children? Multiple choice question. Farsighted Sight-impaired Nearsighted Hypoplasic

Smiles and laughter and all those really good things: nurses perceptions of good experiences of care for inpatient children and young people with intellectual disability

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