How do immunizations work?

How do immunizations work?

Find information to following questions

Against what diseases does the CDC recommend or require immunizations for citizens of the USA?

How are the immunizations administered?

What exactly is given/injected? Is there ever an immunization with the live, dangerous, pathogen happening? For Covid19 a new type of agent has been prepared and injected. How does this type of immunization work?

Why do we sometimes need repeated immunizations?

Already before, but massively increased during Covid19, misinformation about vaccinations have been spread. All of the following statements are clearly proven wrong. There is no evidence for either one of the claims.

Claim:   Vaccines cause autism.                 Vaccines can cause the same disease that the vaccination should protect you from.           Vaccines cause severe side effects and even death.                 Vaccines cause infertility.

Claim:   Homeopathy or nutritional supplements can protect equally well as vaccines from serious effects of diseases like measles.

Claim:   Vaccines (especially mRNA vaccines) can alter the DNA of humans,                 Vaccines can be used to induce unrelated diseases,                 Vaccines can be used to depopulate the earth or for systematic genocide.


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