How do we know disease transmission is a problem

A patient presents to you with the inability to medially rotate (internal rotation) the arm at the shoulder. What muscle of the rotator cuff is likely injured? Subscapularis Teres minor Infraspinatus Supraspinatus

A patient is in your ward and is present with an oxygen saturation of 80%, temperature of 39% centigrade. The patient is bed ridden, and the patient is able to verbalize. The diagnosis of this patient is hemiplegia. As a nurse bring out three priority needs of this patient. Draw up a nursing diagnosis related to those nursing needs and explain how you can plan a care for that patient given a rationale for your intervention.

The PACER consists of a _______ run. 20 meter 40 meter 50 meter 100 meter

How do we know disease transmission is a problem or issue?

Which of the following could contribute to hydrocephalus? Select all that apply. Obstruction to flow of cerebrospinal fluid Overproduction of cerebrospinal fluid m Hypertension

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