How does a corporation’s compliance program play a role in federal criminal prosecution

ART 1- Module 3- DISCUSSION – (SHEILA)- 

Restraint of Trade

1.     How does a corporation’s compliance program play a role in federal criminal prosecution and sentencing?

2.     Various industries have lobbied for legislative restrictions on tort liability. For instance, the nuclear power industry has long been protected by a statute that limits its upper-dollar liability in the event of a serious accident that is much lower than the potential losses from such an accident. Also, the industry cannot be held liable in tort for radiation releases so long as federal guidelines are not exceeded. Many companies in other industries would like similar protection.

1.     Is it ethical to seek statutory limits on liability?

2.     Is it ethical for legislators to grant such protection?

3.     What limits would be acceptable?

SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS: Your initial post should be at least 200 words, formatted and cited in current APA style with support from at least 2 academic sources.

PART 2- Module 3- ASSIGNMENT 1- Module – (SHEILA)

Article Summary

Locate a relevant article (within the last 12 months) in a periodical. Type a one-page summary of the article and explain how it relates to the material in Chapter 20.


SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS: Assignment should be 1 page, formatted and cited in current APA style.

PART 3- Module 3- ASSIGNMENT 1- Module – (SHEILA)

Annotated Bibliography

Conduct research to support a paper that focuses on legal, social, and ethical aspects of your business (COMMUNITY SERVICES ORGANIZATION). Initial research results will be reported in an Annotated Bibliography. The Annotated Bibliography must include at least 7 scholarly sources other than the Reading & Study materials, in current APA format. At least 3 of the sources must relate to your particular industry and business.

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