How does a high protein diet benefit someone

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Tara recently gave birth to her baby girl and had complications during labor. As a result, she underwent an emergency C-section. She is very tired and weak from her delivery. Because of her daughter’s birth, she has also lost a considerable amount of blood and she is scheduled to receive a blood transfusion. In addition to the blood transfusion order, her patient file, noted the doctor has ordered the nutritionist to make meals for Tara based on a high protein diet. Read the article Which Foods Speed Up Recovery After Surgery in order to learn more about high protein diets.

2. Initial Post: Create a new thread and answer all three parts of the initial prompt below

  1. How does a high protein diet benefit someone like Tara after a major surgery or serious hospitalization?  Guidance: It is important to use the article (not Google or other sources); it has everything you need!  Be sure to include specifics on HOW a high protein diet could be beneficial.
  2. Identify a specific food item rich in protein and explain why you think it should be included in Tara’s diet.  Guidance: Be sure to read the sections of the article that discuss protein.  Be sure to choose a SPECIFIC high-protein food item and explain WHY Tara should eat it.
  3. Identify one food item Tara’s doctor would not approve for her diet and explain why Tara should avoid that food while she recovers.Guidance: Be sure to read the section of the article that discusses “Foods to Avoid After Surgery”.  Be sure to choose a SPECIFIC food item and explain WHY Tara should NOT eat it.

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