How does someone come to know they have FMS

Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) write a question or comment about the social factors impacting this disease.  Include enough depth to your question/comment (about 200 words) so the readers will understand your perspective.

You are free to take this in many directions. I provide a few suggestions below, but please do not limit yourself to these topics.  I am also NOT looking for you to start a post, list these four questions, and then comment on all four at once.  Focus on specific issues. For example:

·         How does someone come to know they have FMS? Are symptoms identified or defined?

·         Consider how the self-help literature impacts the disease and its diagnosis.

·         How do you think this reading/analysis impacts the validity or skepticism of the existence of FMS?

·         Can you think of other diseases with similar “illness narratives” in our society?

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