How does the ongoing tension about the border create difficulties

Choose ONE of the following three prompts for your Essay Unit Assignment. You must demonstrate that you read and understood the readings by showing us your work. This means answering the prompt with a close reading of the assigned texts and using specific examples (about 3 or 4 pages double-spaced , not including title page or bibliography), Use either apa or mla format.

  1. Using the novel Factory Girls (By Michelle Gallen) and the reading by Begoña Arexaga, explain what the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland symbolizes to citizens. How does the ongoing tension about the border create difficulties for people lacking structural power?
  2. Using the novel Factory Girls  (By Michelle Gallen)  and the readings by Cynthia Cockburn, explain the practice of segregation between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland, and how residents become complicit in the process of segregation. When maintaining segregation, how do people learn to police people of their own gender and community?
  3. Using the novel Factory Girls  (By Michelle Gallen) and the reading(s) by either Begoña Arexaga or Cynthia Cockburn, describe some of the aspects of everyday life in the militarized Northern Irish zone. In your answer, define militarism and address how the marginalized cope with living through conflict. Consider how people living in these areas negotiate power imbalances in their everyday lives.

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