How many gtt/min will you regulate the IV?

What statistics would you look for if you’re arguing in favor of COVID-19 shots? What statistics would you look for to support your argument against COVID-19 shots? Based on the numbers you describe, what claims would you use that are supported by the numbers? What are some ways that numbers could support arguments on both sides?

You obtain a health history on an 85-year-old patient presenting for an annual examination. Assess the following statements to determine which is accurate regarding the annual examination for this patient. A functional assessment is part of the patient history and examination. The assessment of a caregiver is not relevant to a comprehensive examination. Annual examinations are considered focused examinations. Clinical reasoning is not needed with annual examinations.

Doctor’s Order: Infuse 1200 mL of 0.45% Normal Saline at 125 mL/hr; Drop Factor: 12gtt/min. How many gtt/min will you regulate the IV? A. 2 gtt/min B. 12 gtt/min C. 25 gtt/min D. 27 gtt/min

Reflect on what you have learned, how do these concepts apply to your current clinical practice and any changes you could consider to improve practice with hand washing


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