How might the anonymity and publicity provided by the internet increase the likelihood of “self-righteous aggression”?

. Social media provides us with infinite opportunities to form social identities and to argue with others about issues related to our social identities. Is it possible that some of these social media conflicts distract us, divide us, then weaken our solidarity making us vulnerable to exploitation by others? If so, who might be profiting from our weakness? 

2. Unlike Democrats and Independents, in 2003 Republicans tended to support the invasion of Iraq regardless of their level of education. What factors (discussed in our class) may have suppressed the willingness of highly educated Republicans to question the plan? 

3. In the video on propaganda and the (1991) Gulf War, the first Bush Administration was described as perfecting media control and propaganda. What procedures did they use to ensure that journalists could not learn the truth? What procedures did General Norman Schwarzkopf use to convince Americans that the military was destroying Iraqi weapons effectively and precisely? 

4.  Quote of the Week: “People will use their religion to justify virtually anything. People are able to justify immense cruelty and say that it is something that is sanctioned by their faith.”  Desmond Tutu (1931 – 2021); South African Bishop and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

If we replace the words “religion” and “faith” with the words “values” and “beliefs”, would we find the same thing? That is, have you observed people aggress toward others and justify it by claiming that they are “upholding their values and beliefs”? What psychological process (or processes) might lead people to justify their own cruelty in this manner? How might the anonymity and publicity provided by the internet increase the likelihood of “self-righteous aggression

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