how to build and manage effective strategies.

the behaviorism learning theory proposes that learning leads to a change in an individual’s behavior. This school of thought has its roots in operant and classical conditioning. Behaviorism is also associated with teacher-centered instructional approaches. Teachers share information and structure the learning environment from simple to more complex learning tasks while effectively managing classroom behaviors. In any learning environment, educators must understand how to build and manage effective strategies.

Use a double-bubble mind map creation tool OR draw a double-bubble mind map to do the following:

Create a double-bubble mind map, and brainstorm how operant conditioning and classical conditioning can be used in an educational setting to manage an educational setting with ease while increasing individual motivation and self-regulation.

  • For operant conditioning, share examples of positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, positive punishment, and negative punishment.
    • Be sure to include functional examples for each of the concepts listed above.
  • For classical conditioning, include the classical conditioning information processing model and what occurs before, during, and after conditioning.
  • Support your work with scholarly literature; along with your mind map, include a list of APA formatted references, citing the sources used for this Individual Project.

If you choose to use a software creation tool, below are links to two. After you’ve created the double-bubble mind map, take a screenshot or download the graphic as a PDF your assignment submission in the virtual classroom. You may use any tool you have access to; these are just provided as options

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