identified community based on the Community Teaching Project.

Presentation Development

The purpose of this assignment is to develop a presentation of the topic chosen for the identified community based on the Community Teaching Project.

The Community Teaching Project has indirect care experience requirements. The “Indirect Care Experience Hours” form, found in the Topic 1 Resources, will be used to document the indirect care experience hours completed in the Community Teaching Project and Presentation. As progress is made on the Community Teaching Project, update this form indicating the date(s) each section is completed. This form will be submitted in Topic 5.

Prepare a presentation using the “Community Teaching Project” templates that were completed previously in this course along with the information from the interview with the community representative.

Students will give this presentation to the selected community in Topic 5. Reach out to the selected representative to confirm the date and time to present the selected topic to the community.

Select one of the following options to prepare the applicable presentation:

  • PowerPoint presentation (no more than 30 minutes)
  • Pamphlet presentation (one to two pages)
  • Poster presentation
  • Infographic


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