impact that nurses have on their patients

Compassion in nursing is about understanding and alleviating patients’ suffering. The nurses who cared for my brothers showed immense compassion, making sure that my family felt supported and informed throughout the entire process. This compassion extended beyond medical care; it was evident in the way they communicated with us, offered reassurance, and provided a sense of hope during a tumultuous time.

Courtesy is another critical value in nursing that involves treating patients and their families with respect and kindness. The courteous behavior of the nurses towards my family, especially during such a distressing period, made a significant difference in our experience. Their professionalism and respectful demeanor helped us navigate through the difficult times with dignity.

Lastly, care in nursing encompasses both the emotional and physical well-being of patients. The comprehensive care my brothers received, from the initial diagnosis to post-surgery recovery, highlighted the importance of a holistic approach in nursing. The nurses dedication to ensuring that all aspects of their health were addressed inspired me to pursue a career where I can make a similar impact.

My aspiration to become a nurse is deeply rooted in my personal experiences. The exceptional care my family received during a critical period in our lives demonstrated the profound impact that nurses have on their patients and their families. By embodying the values of quality, compassion, courtesy, and care, I hope to contribute positively to the lives of others and give back to the community in the same way that those wonderful nurses once helped my family

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