Importance of improving the condition and its impact on quality of life

You are to write a three-to-five-page paper in APA format 7th edition with the following sections and level 2 headings:



Brief overview of the health of the population chosen

-Introduce the global burden of disease OR risk factor chosen

-Importance of improving the condition and its impact on quality of life

Body of the Paper

Global Burden of Disease Condition/Risk Factor

-Describe the disease OR risk factor chosen

-What signs/symptoms are identified in the patient that can be found?

-How is it diagnosed and treated?

Technology and Healthcare

-Describe the paradigm shift in healthcare related to technology

-Elaborate how technology can improve health outcomes in your population

Chosen Evidence-Based Technology Use in Disease or Risk Factor

-Describe and summarize the evidence-based technology identified that has been shown to improve the condition or Risk Factor for your patient population chosen.

-Compare and contrast the positives and negatives of using this technology use chosen.


-Recap points discussed in the paper

-Importance of advancements in technology


Optional Resources:



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