important for the assessment of developmental functioning

Context is particularly important for the assessment of developmental functioning. As you have learned in previous modules of this course, cultural, environmental, and socioeconomic factors impact our assessment of developmentally normative expectations and behavior in adolescence and early adulthood. In this discussion, you will consider contextual factors and their impact on emotional development into young adulthood.

After reviewing the module resources, respond to the following:

  • How have expectations for early adulthood shifted across generations, and what factors contributed to these shifts?
  • What is the impact of various forms of media exposure on emotional development and emotional health in early adulthood?
  • Based on these observations, how do you think developmental expectations might further shift for the next generation of young adults?

In your response to your peers, offer additional insight on the impact of media. Be sure to support your perspectives with scholarly research.

To complete this assignment, review theĀ Discussion Rubric.

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