Information Technology Capstone Business Requirements Document

CIS498: Information Technology Capstone


Week 8 Assignment – Business Requirements Document

Your Name


Your Professor’s Name

Date of Submission

Creative people make a logo and paste here If you’re not creative, you can just put your fictitious organization’s name here



To: <Project Manager’s Name Here> (note: Remove the <> and put in your people’s names)

From: <Your Name Here>

CC: <Anyone else who gets a copy here>


Dear <PM’s Name Here>.

Business Requirements:

<Describe all your business requirements for your part of the project. Draw on all your Strayer knowledge, education, and any personal experience or research to identify everything you will need and add it to the Excel Spreadsheet. Then return here and describe your spreadsheet including cost and benefit to your clients/constituents/customers (depending on your type of organization)>

How I created an estimate for each of the resources have listed in the attached Excel spreadsheet:

<First I… Then I… Your narrative here should be for each of the items listed in the Excel document, provide a corresponding explanation of how you created an estimate for that resource including where you looked for pricing of that resource. >

Process Use

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