involves hospitalisation and treatment with medication.

Recovery is difficult to define because: Question 2 options: a) it is a deeply personal experience. b) the presence of thought disorder. c) people respond to psychotropic medications differently. d) remission of symptoms is difficult to measure.

Clinical recovery is primarily: Question 1 options: a) defined by mental health professionals. b) concerned with the uniqueness of the individual. c) involves hospitalisation and treatment with medication. d) achieved by people with a diagnosis of schizophrenia.

If a counsellor has identified a risk issue but unable to find relevantguidelines in their organisational policies and procedures, what is themost appropriate way for them to respond in this case?

Briefly discuss how counsellors can use a client’s individualised supportplan to help identify and manage potential and/or existing risk issues

Risk management is particularly important when working with clientsliving with complex needs.a)Sometimes counsellors may be delivering services at the clients’ homeor an outreach location. Identify one (1) relevant risk that a counsellormust actively manage anddiscuss how they can do that

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