key competencies that Nursing Leaders at your level need

. How long have you been a Nurse Executive and what major changes have you seen in the
Nurse Executive role over the past 3-5 years?
2. What are the major challenges that you face in your role today as a Nurse Executive?
3. In your opinion, what are the key competencies that Nursing Leaders at your level need
today and what should the educational preparation be?
4. What does it take to be an employer for nurses in today’s healthcare environment?
5. Have you considered applying for Magnet Recognition? What are the pros and cons of this, in
your viewpoint? (If already Magnet, write N/A)
6. If facility is Magnet status, what are the pros & cons about maintaining the recognition?
7. What changes, if any, will the nursing profession need to make to adapt to the nursing
8. What should nurses do to mentor younger nurses into leadership positions?
9. What strengths do you bring to the Executive Leadership Team of your Healthcare Agency?
10. What key committees/boards/groups, etc. does a nurse executive in your organization need
to participate on in order to have a major impact on decision-making.
11. What issues/challenges keep you awake at night in your role?
12. If you were asked to give advice to a Nurse just beginning her career in Nursing Leadership
based on your own experiences, what would that advice be?

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