key principles of a trauma

Which statement best indicates a patient is experiencing delirium rather than dementia? I Onset was insidious Patient has loss of ability to perform simple math problems over recent weeks C Patient has a history of increasing confusion over the last year c Patient was oriented and alert 2 days ago O Patients speech is fragmented and incoherent

What pathophysiology is thought to explain generalized seizure disorder? O Serotonin deficits result in loss of inhibition of excitatory neurotransmitters. • Hypoxia leads to cerebral edema constricting blood vessels in the brain. O Multifactorial disorder with GABA deficits O Low levelhof acetylcholinesterase are unable to degrade acetylcholine

he key principles of a trauma – informed approach to community – level interventions. How these principles are applied in practice. Can you share any examples or case studies where these principles have been implemented successfully? How did the incorporation of cultural, historical, and gender issues specifically affect the results of these interventions?

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