List the lobes of the brain and their function.

1. Name 3 nerves and their function.

2. List the lobes of the brain and their function.

Please see the playlist below.

Week 2 Chat Hour Playlist

Ask questions, reply, and provide feedback for the week prior to help us all grow a class. The standards for this section are as follows:

Respect others’ rights to hold opinions and beliefs that differ from your own. Challenge or criticize the idea, not the person.

Listen carefully to what others are saying even when you disagree with what is being said. Comments that you make (asking for clarification, sharing critiques, expanding on a point, etc.) should reflect that you have paid attention to the speaker’s comments.

Be courteous. Don’t interrupt or engage in private conversations while others are speaking.

Support your statements. Use evidence and provide a rationale for your points

Allow everyone the chance to talk. If you have much to say, try to hold back a bit; if you are hesitant to speak, look for opportunities to contribute to the discussion.

If you are offended by something or think someone else might be, speak up and don’t leave it for someone else to have to respond to it.

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