Managing the Tylenol Crisis

  • Please watch this 2 videos and read the articles before answering the questions
  • (112) Managing the Tylenol Crisis – YouTube
  • (112) A Trusted Pill Turned Deadly. How Tylenol Made a Comeback | Retro Report – YouTube
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response | CDC
  • How does the Tylenol case conform to the “best practices” outlined in the text?  And what insights do you gain from the video that are NOT discussed in the text?
  • Consider recent and ongoing crisis situations and resources for individuals and emergency managers.
    • Review materials from one site (listed on botton) relevant to these crises
    • Discuss the connections you see between your chosen resource link and “The Psychology of a Crisis,” (CERC #2) and CERC #3 “Audience and Messages” and a theory (only select one) described in Fearn-Banks Chapter #2.

s well, we are studying “crisis communication” in the midst of other “crises,” namely:


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