medical implications in modern society. 

Directions:You will be designing a poster in PowerPoint. Please see the Template and specific instructionsregarding working with the template. Your poster must have the following parts:

• Title: A descriptive title (usually as a banner) with the names of the participating studentsand their affiliation.

• Introduction: The introduction contains a very brief (1-2 sentences) summary of thedisease or disorder.

• Cause(s): This section contains a brief description of normal anatomy and physiology of the organ systems involved in the disease or disorder. Also describe the cause(s) and/orrisk factors associated with the development of the disease or disorder. Thedemographics of those who suffer from the disease or disorder should be mentioned hereas well.

• Physiologic Effect(s): This section describes the specific effects that the disease ordisorder has on human physiology (and potentially on the anatomy as well). Be specific indescribing the disease process, drawing clear connections between the mechanism of thedisorder and the observed symptoms

• Further Details and Application: This section can contain additional information relating to historic, cultural, or medical implications in modern society.

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