Morris, G. (n.d.). How to manage stress as a nurse

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Stress can affect the physical and mental health of nurses, which unfortunately can overflow into patient outcomes. It also undermines nursing retention and can hurt a healthcare organization’s finances (Morris, 2023).

Managing stress as a nurse is critical as it causes burnout and can lead not only to physical and mental health issues for nurses but also to increased likelihood of medical mistakes.

Long working hours are definitely one of the reasons why nurses have high stress levels. It is important for nurses to take breaks during a 12 or 16 hour shift. When I started out, I often skipped breaks and just ate something quickly on the run because I felt I would fall too much behind with my workload or I didn’t want to leave my unit in case something happened with a patient. I have learned the importance of taking breaks no matter how busy my day is. After I step away and take a 30 minute break, preferably sit in a natural environment and listen to birds, eat without rushing, catch up with family on the phone, I come back refreshed and am able to finish my job more efficiently. Taking a break also helps me manage my time better.


Morris, G. (n.d.). How to manage stress as a nurse. How To Manage Stress As A Nurse |

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