Most Impactful Federal Legislation

Assignment 10 – Teacher Salaries and Cost of Benefits

Teacher Pay Scale 22-23.pdf Download Teacher Pay Scale 22-23.pdf

Scenario – You are a new superintendent and you have been charged with lowering personnel costs. Using the teacher pay scale attached above, how much money in both salaries and benefits will you save if 10 teachers retire (see experience level below) and you replace these ten teachers with ten brand new teachers with zero experience? The benefit savings can be calculated by using the following percentages that districts must match for all employees: Social Security = 7.65% and Retirement = 15.75%.

*Special note – Salary will be MAEP + Local = Total (use the total amount)

Experience Level of the 10 retiring teachers: 3 teachers with 25 years and a master’s degree (AA), 3 teachers with 28 years and a specialist’s degree (AAA), and 4 teachers with 32 years and a bachelor’s degree (A).

You will need to show all of your work so I can understand how you came to your calculated savings for the district.

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