Name and briefly describe five recent developments in ABA

Developments and the Future of Applied Behavior Analysis

Through the second half of this course, you have had the opportunity to trace the development of applied behavior analysis from the latter part of the twentieth century to the present. This assignment will offer you the opportunity to examine those developments and how applied behavior analysis continues to evolve while remaining rooted in its foundations in science and the philosophy of behaviorism.

Name and briefly describe five recent developments in ABA that were reviewed in the course.

    • Explain what additions to the philosophy and practice of ABA have been added by each development.
    • Describe each of Baer et al.’s (1968) seven dimensions of ABA.
    • Choose one recent development that is of most interest to you and be specific about how the development meets the requirement for each of the seven dimensions. Discuss if there are any ways in which the development does not support the dimensions.

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