nature’srole in human development

There are several main issues in human development that are subject to controversy. Some researchers maintain for example, that nature plays a stronger role in human development than does nurture and vice versa. In responding to the following prompt, cite the page numbers from the text that you found your answers on.

  1. Describe the nature vs nurture issue regarding human development and be sure to provide at least two brief examples from the text supporting genetics playing a larger role and two examples supporting the environment playing a larger role in human development. An example of nature over nurture could be found in a study that indicated environmental factors had more weight in contributing to alcoholism than genetic factors.
  2. In your own words, describe at least two major points from two of the theories of human development discussed in the text (i.e., Kohlberg, Gilligan, Piaget, Vygotsky, Freud, Erikson, Skinner, Pavlov, Bandura). Indicate whether each of these theories pays more attention to nature or nurture and why. Cite the page numbers from the textbook where you drew your information from.


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