potential budget for purchasing new hardware

  • Review the three scenarios from the perspective of a systems architect.
  • Write your initial post about one of the scenarios.
  • Respond to at least two of your peers.
Scenario 1: You work for a small software company with four different departments, including Marketing, IT and Business Operations, Product Development, and Customer Support. Marketing currently has its employees use iMovie and Keynote to create their marketing materials and external presentations; there is no intention to change products since they have built their departmental standards around using that software. The IT and Business Operations department needs to use MS Visio to create system diagrams and flowcharts. This department, as well as Product Development, needs access to project management software such as Jira or Asana. Lastly, Customer Support uses a customer relationship management (CRM) program that has been supported by Windows 7 in the past. Scenario 2: You work for a large organization with 15 departments. A new leadership initiative to centralize systems includes requiring all employees to use the same OS and computers. Currently, some departments use Windows and others use macOS; some desktops within those departments have Linux-based systems. It has been discovered that some departments are still operating older OS versions, which has negatively impacted their productivity. For customer-facing departments, the SalesForce CRM is being implemented. Implementation of this CRM is what encouraged the leadership team to start a centralized initiative to have more systems connect to that CRM.

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