Present a plan for ongoing budget management

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Title of Paper





Due Date

Title of Paper

Give a brief introduction to your facility.

Operating Budget

Prepare the operating budget – You can insert your budget in table format here. Make sure you are reviewing the Vila Health Operating Budget in your resources. Your must include revenue and expense.

Have you clearly identified the major sections of the budget?

Does your budget cover a one-year time period?

Does your budget adhere to standard formatting conventions used in health care settings?

Areas of uncertainty

Budget Design and Creation

Explain how the budget was designed and created .

What assumptions, if any, underlie your budget?

What was your process for determining line items and cost center codes?

Did you allocate funding for labor and equipment costs?

Have you determined staffing requirements and calculated workload?

What are your equipment needs and associated, ongoing expenses?

What are your primary sources of budget information?

How up-to-date and reliable is the data?

Impartially acknowledges conflicting data or information that was not in your budget

Strategic Plan

Develop a strategic plan .

Examine the mission of your organization or unit.

· Is your budget in line with the mission?

How are executive leaders likely to react to your budget?

Does your budget include nice-to-have items?

Budget Management

Present a plan for ongoing budget management.

Consider the various factors affecting your budget, such as organizational objectives, policies, and competition for funding.

Explain how you will:

· Limit staff overtime.

· Manage non-productive time and expenses, such as education or paid time off to obtain certifications.

Manage ongoing expenses related to supplies and equipment.

identifies assumptions on which the approach is based

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