prohibits discrimination on the basis of health-related status

For this assignment, you will use the same case selected for Week 5 assignment and analyze the sections of the treatment plan template. This treatment plan will address both the addiction and any co-occurring mental health diagnoses identified in Week 5 assignment. The conclusions reached in Week 5 assignment regarding the specific DSM-based diagnosis, strengths, and challenges should take into consideration any feedback from your instructor. Make any needed revisions to Week 5 assignment before developing the treatment plan. Include your revised assessment summary (the last section of Week 5 assignment) as part one of this assignment. Follow the Week 9 Template [DOC] to formulate a treatment plan for your selected case.

prohibits discrimination on the basis of health-related status 2. requires employers to provide access to health care coverage in particular instances 3. requires vesting in 401K plans after five years 4. requires time off for medical care for self and/or family HIPAA FMLA COBRA ERISA

Should health care be free for everyone or not? Why? Name two (2) countries where health care is free to everyone. Describe each system.

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