Providing culturally sensitive and comprehensive healthcare

Who can assist with two responses for the following discussion? APA format with a citation

  1. Providing culturally sensitive and comprehensive healthcare is crucial for nurses in order to address the unique biological differences that are often present in Korean Americans. Genetic variations and polymorphisms are common in Asian cultures and can result in varying sensitivities to certain medications (Sung & Park, 2019). As a result, it is imperative for healthcare providers to be aware of these differences and take them into account when developing treatment plans. Additionally, given the high incidence of conditions like hepatitis B in the Korean American population, it is crucial to conduct thorough screenings and implement personalized healthcare strategies. By doing so, healthcare providers can ensure that Korean Americans receive the best possible care and treatment (Sung & Park, 2019).
  2. It is crucial to recognize that grouping Puerto Ricans with other Hispanic Americans can lead to significant errors in patient care. When we assume a singular identity for all Hispanics, we fail to consider the diverse cultural nuances, traditions, and health behaviors present within each minority group. For instance, Puerto Ricans have developed their own unique food habits and health beliefs throughout their cultural evolution. Therefore, failing to acknowledge these differences could result in misinterpreted patient needs and preferences, ultimately impacting treatment plans and health outcomes (Silva Díaz et al., 2020).


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