Public health model of prevention

Which of the following models emphasizes illness over health and understands health as the lack of an obvious illness? Public health model of prevention Social model of health Biomedical Psychosomatic Religious

A 33-year-old male is seen in the emergency room because of a MC. He did lose consciousness at the scene. He was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. Which statement is true regarding inflammation from brain injuries? • It is key in assisting the brain in healing. O It is always detrimental in the short term. • It is always detrimental in the long term, even if it was caused by a mild concussion. O It usually does not resolve.

How will dissemination of this researched information impact behavior during a disease outbreak?

The following are problems that people have that affect their driving. Write-in what you think is their responsibility to resolve the problem. Vision getting worse Vision getting worse

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