Quality Improvement Initiatives assignment

Health care organizations face constant changes in the internal and external environments. Continuous quality improvement has no end and depends on effective teamwork to implement successful quality improvement (QI) initiatives to meet accreditation requirements and exceed patients’ expectations.

For this last component of the QI initiatives project, your designated team leader must compile your team’s work for the hospital quarterly meeting. The team leader must collect individual QI initiative slide from each team member on Day 1. You must include the team composition on one slide, and the mission and vision statement on another slide, followed by each team member’s presentation. The team leader will share the final PowerPoint presentation with team members before the due date and each team member must individually submit the Collaborative Project: Quality Improvement Initiatives assignment.

In your group presentation,

  • Summarize the team composition. Be sure to list the names and job titles in the QI Department.
  • Identify the mission and vision statement of QI department.
  • Organize the QI Initiative for each team member. Be sure to include the member’s name, QI Initiative, and SMART goals in each slide.

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