racism in media, housing, education, labor market, immigration, among others

Initial Post: (5-10 sentences, or more)

Briefly review the topical issues we discussed this semester (i.e. racism in media, housing, education, labor market, immigration, among others). Identify one topical issue and answer the following:

First, describe the issue. Make sure to support with evidence from course readings to explain why it is an issue. Second, identify what racial justice would like if we wanted to address the issue.

Response Post: (3-5 sentences, or more)

Respond to one of your peers and answer the following

First, identify at least one specific institutional action it would take to achieve racial justice and resolve the issue (institutional actions may include policies or guideline). Second, identify at least one individual action we could take to resolve the issue.

Additional Information

To obtain full credit for, you must ensure the following:

Use and correctly apply one of terms from Chapter 14 “Racial Justice in the United States (Golash-Boza 2018 D2L reading) in bold. It must be defined in your narrative (paraphrased or quoted) and be properly cited in an established format. Lastly, if used, the quoted definition must come from Golash-Boza (2018).

References at least one of the assigned learning materials from Week 15 (videos or reports), beyond Golash-Boza (2018).

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