reason why manipulating the characteristics of a human cell could be beneficial

. Read: Discussion Background

The cell is the basic unit of every living organism on this planet. Human life is not possible without cells. Our DNA is housed within our cells, and it provides instructions for our characteristics.  For example,  how tall we will be and what eye color we will have. But what would happen if we changed our DNA? What would happen if we genetically altered our cells, or the cells of our unborn children?

There is expensive new technology available to those who have enough money to pay for it. It goes beyond the established IVF (in-vitro fertilization) procedures and allows people to have an unprecedented amount of control over the reproductive process. Some people refer to the resulting child as a “designer baby”.

Read the article: Children to Order: The Ethics of ‘Designer Babies’

2. Initial Post: Create a new thread and answer all three parts of the initial prompt below

  1. Discuss one reason why manipulating the characteristics of a human cell could be beneficial.  Guidance: It is important to use the video or transcript for your post (not Google or other sources); it has everything you need!  Be sure to include specifics on WHY human genetic manipulation could be beneficial.
  2. Explain whether you believe the manipulation of human cells is ethical or unethical.  Guidance: Be sure to state your opinion/position and to tell me WHY you have this opinion.
  3. If your friend was considering genetic modification to have a child and asked for your advice, what would you tell her?  Guidance: Be sure to state what advice you would give to your friend and provide your reasoning.

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