recognize the diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds

For instance, if we assume uniform dietary preferences among all people of Hispanic ancestry in the US, we will overlook the distinct eating patterns of Puerto Ricans. This could potentially affect nutritional assessments and interventions. Such errors in patient care can be avoided if we recognize the diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds of each patient and tailor our approach accordingly (Silva Díaz et al., 2020). By understanding the unique cultural factors that shape a patient’s health practices and beliefs, we can provide more informed, effective, and equitable care.

  1. It is essential to consider the potential impact of regional instability on the health and well-being of Jordanian Americans who have recently immigrated to the United States. Political instability and hostilities in their home country can result in various challenges, including psychological distress, trauma, and limited access to healthcare resources. All these factors can significantly impact their physical and mental health, potentially leading to long-term health problems (Al-Akash et al., 2021).

Furthermore, political instability in Jordan can create multiple difficulties for individuals of Jordanian American descent in receiving medical treatment. They may face allenges in terms of physical accessibility and affordabilitych, which can significantly impact their ability to receive the care they need.

In addition to physical health concerns, recent Jordanian immigrants may also experience mental health challenges. They may struggle with displacement, trauma, and the difficulties associated with integrating into a new culture amidst political unrest. These factors can leao emotional distressd t, anxiety, and depression, making it difficult for them to adapt to their new surroundings and establish a sense of stability (Al-Akash et al., 2021).

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