research-based strategies for student motivation and engagement

Curriculum Map


Curriculum maps will help you organize your standards, content, the learning process, products, and assessments. You will create a curriculum map for a topic/grade of your choice. Aligning the content across the columns of your map will help you sequence and scaffold your lessons for the whole group, small groups, and individual students.


Select a state, local, or national standard that could be taught to a diverse group of learners.

Please use the attached curriculum map template to create a curriculum map, using your knowledge of the following:

  • Integrating appropriate local, state, or national content standard for the age and grade level of the learners.
  • Sequencing the order of presentation of the curriculum (scaffolding — how will content build upon knowledge?).
  • Differentiating so there are various learning options for whole group, small group, and individuals in the learning segment.
  • Differentiating the content, process, and product in the lesson.
  • Being responsive to the student readiness levels, learning profiles, and interests of your diverse group of students.
  • Integrating research-based strategies for student motivation and engagement.
  • Establishing pre-assessment, formative assessment, and summative assessment measures that allow for various ways to demonstrate mastery of the content area.

Refer to the attached curriculum map template to help guide you through the process. Your Curriculum Map must follow APA standards, including cover and reference pages

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