Review the most recent community health needs assessment.

The nurse is attempting to understand the views of local health services by studying a small rural population group that rarely interacts with the healthcare system. Which strategy would the nurse use to obtain the most useful information? • Schedule several focus groups with group members. • Invite group members to attend a community forum. Conduct key informant interviews with local leaders. Review the most recent community health needs assessment.

combined oral contraceptives should not be initiated within the first 21 days postpartum because: A – they may interfere with lactation. B – they may delay uterine shrinkage. C – their use is associated with an increased risk of venous thromboembolism. D – they may potentially worsen postpartum depression

A 28-year-old has thick, demarcated plaques on her elbows. Which features are suggestive of psoriasis?Lesion DescriptorsImage 1 Scaly lesions on the scalp Pruritus around the lesions A scaly border around the plaques Silvery scales that are mildly pruriticferral to an ear, nose and throat specialist if an older patient with otitis externa has: fever. regional swelling and lymphadenopathy. purulent drainage. severe pain and otorrhea refractory to treatment

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