reviewing new medication prescriptions for a client with coronary artery disease

Patrice, a nursing assistant, was helping Norris, a resident suffering from a cold, transfer out of his wheelchair and into his bed. Just as she helped swing his legs up onto the bed, he suddenly sneezed near her face. Although the sneeze clearly caught him off guard, he was very apologetic. Patrice cleaned her face and went on with her day, but a few days later, she came down with a cold. Patrice was most likely infected through which method of transmission? a. Indirect contact b. Droplet transmission c. Common vehicle transmission d. Vector-borne transmission

Rephrase this sentences :Patient denies allergy to medications, no food allergies and no pets allergies, Furthermore, the patient denies having any thoughts, plans, or intentions related to suicide, as well as any thoughts of violence or homicide, and his Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale score is low. The patient also expressed a strong appreciation for life and denied any desire to harm himself or others

In modern healthcare, which is a major goal of traditional medical research? Question 1Select one: A. Providing evidence-based practices B. Improving insurance coverage C. Increasing federal funding D. Decreasing safety hazards to healthcare workers

The nurse is reviewing new medication prescriptions for a client with coronary artery disease, chronic stable angina, and hypertension. Which of the following prescriptions should the nurse clarify? 1. nitroglycerin 0.3 mg sublingual PRN 2. celecoxib 200 mg PO once daily 3. ezetimibe 10 mg PO once daily 4. lisinopril 20 mg PO once daily

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