role as a Nurse Practitioner

ou are to begin a bibliography review on your drug of choice (famotidine) for a PowerPoint Presentation  and Scholarly Writing Project.

Review a minimum of five academic articles and begin to map out your research on the drug famotidine by creating a table that includes the information you found on famotidine including the author, the date, article name, location of the published source, and page number. 

The purpose is for you to educate your colleagues on the drug you have selected, famotidine. The project must include information about the:

· Drug pharmacology, pharmacokinetics

· Brand name

· Generic name

· Dosing

· Indications for use

· Side effects

· Contraindications

· Pregnancy class

· You must also perform a cost analysis of the drug.

· Provide a patient case study on a patient in which you would utilize the drug you have selected and include at least two peer-reviewed evidence-based studies related to the drug.

· Describe the appropriate patient education.

· What is your role as a Nurse Practitioner for prescribing this medication to this patient on your case study presentation?

· Describe the monitoring and follow-up.

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