Select two types of statistics you would use to analyze gathered data

Research Study Proposal 3

In this class, you will complete a Research Study Proposal. The Research Study Proposal is divided into three pieces:

  • Research Study Proposal Part I, due in week 3
  • Research Study Proposal Part II, due in week 5
  • Research Study Proposal Final, due in week 8.

In this hypothetical research study proposal, you will investigate a social-psychological issue of your choice.


Requirements: Research Study Proposal Part 3

  • The part 3 assignment is comprehensive. The information you created for the week 3 and week 5 assignments needs to be integrated appropriately into this final assignment.
  1. New elements
    • Data Collection Procedures: Describe the step-by-step process you would use to collect your data. (1-page minimum).
  • Data Analysis: Select two types of statistics you would use to analyze gathered data; not stats formula details, but which stats you would use. (1-page minimum).
  • Contribution to the Field: explain the benefits to individuals, groups, and society as a whole of the study results.)
  • Research Limitations: Discuss limitations that you foresee in your Research Study Proposal. (1/2 page minimum)
  • Discussion. Discuss and reflect on your conclusions of the research process and this assignment in its entirety. (1/2 page minimum)

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