social actions that you suggest to address environmental injustices

Drawing from our textbook, assigned readings, and the video on the Grumman PlumeLinks to an external site., please respond to the following prompts. Cite the specific information and the source(s) that it came from in your response.

1. What is an environmental justice issue characterized by?

2. Is the Grumman Plume an environmental justice issue? Explain.

3. Is the Grumman Plume a social problem? Explain (be sure to draw upon our textbook’s definition of social problems).

4. Discuss at least two social actions that you suggest to address environmental injustices and explain how they would address those injustices.

EXAMPLE  please don’t copy Environmental justice refers to the equitable distribution of environmental risks and benefits so no group is disadvantaged. Marginalized groups such as racial minorities and socioeconomically disadvantaged are prone to high exposure to adverse environmental consequences. The studies into environmental justice are closely associated with environmental racism, which began in 1982 when people began to realize that neighborhoods that were associated with racial and ethnic minorities and low-income earners were prone to more pollution compared to the others (Mohai et al., 2009).

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