suboptimal healthy ageing

Question 1 (6 marks): Question 1.1 Analyse the information in Roger’s case-study and identify two chronic-disease ‘burdens’ and how they are contributing to Roger’s suboptimal healthy ageing (2 marks).Mr Roger Hughes aged 79 years, has been living with Type 2 diabetes since he was 39 years old. Roger had an active social life and played golf with his mates on a regular basis. He enjoyed his career, where he worked as a manager at a large plumbing supplier. His wife, Connie, manages the household affairs, and prepares Roger’s meals every day. This typically includes two pieces of white toast with jam for breakfast, a piece of cake for morning tea, a meat and salad sandwich on white bread for lunch, biscuits or fruit with a cup of tea in the afternoon, meat and three vegetables for dinner and a piece of toast before going to bed. During his early years of retirement, Roger’s diabetes progressed and he now requires insulin to manage his blood sugar levels. Some days he finds it difficult to self-administer the injection because osteoarthritis has affected his hands. He has also developed peripheral neuropathy, which causes burning pain in his legs;

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