the clinical site to address workplace violence

Peer 1: There are many solutions used at the clinical site to address workplace violence (WPV). These solutions include a zero-tolerance policy, extended training, an employee assistance program to provide support after a WPV incident, and a close relationship between inpatient/ unit nurses and security staff. There are signs identifying and describing the zero-tolerance policy all around the clinical site. These signs also describe consequences to WPV including possible legal action in the form of an arrest. The extended training including conflict resolution classes and specific workplace violence classes are available to all employees. Though these classes are not considered mandatory even for high-risk areas of WPV such as the emergency department. The close relationship between floor/unit nurses and security seems to be the best deterrent to WPV. The security staff perform frequent rounding on all units and departments. Security discusses possible at-risk patients and will often briefly talk with the at-risk patients to ensure everything is going well. Lastly, the employee assistance program is available to any staff that feel they need help. This helps to reduce burnout in nurses and reduce feelings of depression, guilt, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress that can occur following a WPV event.

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