the cognitive abilities in animals that are linked to evolution

Bouton (2018) highlighted that one of the most important things about the study of animal brains is the implication that behavior systems theory and how much the nature of behavior stems from conditioning methods (Bouton, 2018). Evolution is essential when it comes to survival. However, various species adapt and evolve differently based on their needs and living environment. Humans have learned and adopted so much from animals. From studying night vision in different animals to studying how hummingbirds can fly backwards and hover in place, animals have influenced the modern world for decades. Seijian et al. (2018) explained the adaptation of animals to heat stress. Heat stress was found to be a major factor that negatively influenced livestock production. To ensure survival, the livestock must be genetically suitable and be able to adapt in different environments. Livestock have adapted by altering their phenotypic and physiological characteristics (Seijian et al., 2018).

Salwiczek et al. (2012) discussed the cognitive abilities in animals that are linked to evolution. The results of this study showed that some animals adapted significantly better than others. Some fish exhibit impressive and complex social strategies. The adult cleaner wrasse showed high levels of adaptation, were overall fast learners, with optimal foraging decisions. This resulted in completing the task at hand faster. One of the main purposes of this study was to observe and examine the ecological approach and see what the role of cognition is. Although human and animal brains are different, there are some similarities as well. Overall, animals adapt much faster to their changing environments while humans gradually adapt and evolve over longer periods of time. As a result, I think animals, especially out in the wild, adapt much faster and more effectively than humans

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