the difference between equality and equity?

ASSIGNMENT 1 -Discussion #1: Equality vs Equity Picture


Review the “Equality vs Equity” picture above and respond to the following two questions in a paragraph of 100 words or more.  The student is also required to make comments to two classmates about their response in 50 words or more each, for a total of 200 words or more. Please see the two questions below.

What do you believe the picture is trying to convey about the difference between equality and equity?

As a future school principal, what are some ways that you can assure equity is achieved at your school?

2. Discussion – Watch Video on 27% Rule / Discuss A’Ha moment

Mississippi First Releases Video to Explain the 27% Rule

Students should watch the attached video from the Mississippi First blog post and then write a 100 word response on their biggest “Ah-ha” moment from the video. The student is then required to make a 50 word response to two other students posted “ah-ha” moment. Total of 200 words.

3. ASSIGNMENT 9 – Discussion – “Evolution of Federal Interest” Most Impactful Federal LegislationNo unread replies.No replies.

Students will read the “Evolution of Federal Interest” section in the textbook (13th Edition: Pages 236-239) and complete the following steps in their discussion post:

1. Provide a brief summary of the major legislation passed by the federal government to support public schools.

2. Share your opinion on which one (1) of these legislative efforts you believe was the most impactful for the United States.

3. Respond to two other classmates regarding your thoughts on their post.

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